About the Publishing House

About us:

Established on June 13th, 2001, following a decision of the National University of Music Bucharest’ Senate, the Publishing House of UNMB aims to:

  • publish musical works of any type (scores, musicology volumes, music teaching volumes, music magazines), as well as works from other fields connected with music or having topics of interest for the teachers and associates of UNMB;
  • translation of volumes with musical or related to music subjects;
  • marketing and dissemination of our publications through the UNMB Store and their dissemination to various national and international universities and libraries.


The Statute of the UNMB Publishing House is detailed in the UNMB Charter, under Article 75 and can be consulted on the UNMB website. The structure of the publishing house comprises of an editorial staff, an editorial board and a list of scientific peer-reviewers. The proposals regarding the editing of the books and scores are brought to attention for approval to the Administrative Council of the National University of Music Bucharest. The Administrative Council is also the entity which appoints a director/coordinator of the Publishing House from among the teaching or research staff of UNMB, validated by the Senate of the university. The position is occupied for two years with the possibility of extension, based on the activity reports.

When we publish works resulting from research of international interest, they are published bilingual or in an international language.  The publishing house can initiate and lead publishing projects with private financing, co-financing or cultural or educational grants from Romanian or international institutions.