How We Work

Working methodology:

The author/editor presents – at the headquarters of the Publishing house or on an official email address – the work proposed for publishing in an editable electronic format, drafted according to the norms of the UNMB Publishing house (found on our website), together with a publishing request submitted for approval to the Administrative Council of UNMB. Following the approval of the Administrative Council, all works proposed for publishing will be subject to a scientific peer review evaluation process. To ensure the confidentiality, the authors will not know the names of the two peer-reviewers who will be assigned to evaluate the work.

There are three possible outcomes of the peer-review:

  1. Both evaluations are favorable – the work will be published. If the peer-reviewers indicate ways to improve the manuscript, these will be sent to the author with the request to modify the manuscript accordingly;
  2. One evaluation is favorable and one is unfavorable – the scientific editorial board will be reviewing the manuscript proposed for publication and the two peer-review reports and make a decision.
  3. Both evaluations are unfavorable – the manuscript will be rejected.


After the proposed manuscript is approved by the Administrative Council and receives a favorable report from the peer-reviewers, the following fees will be paid:

  • Members of the UNMB community (teachers, associate professors, master and doctoral students): 100 lei/manuscript (approx. 20 euro)
  • UNMB Alumni: 200 lei/manuscript (approx. 40 euro)
  • Authors who are not nor have been in any contract with UNMB: 300 lei/manuscript (approx. 60 euro)

Next steps in the process of publication:

  1. Pre-print
  • Assigning an ISBN, ISMN or ISSN number (as appropriate);
  • Editing, writing text and musical notes, scanning, editing images, creating graphics, proofreading, creating the cover – part of these operations can be requested from the author or commissioned from collaborators and financed by the author or UNMB (only with the Administrative Council approval).
  • Adding the ISBN identification description as received from the National Library of Romania
  1. The printing
  • The printing is done on an order basis and is financially supported by the author except for the proposals coming directly from the publishing house and/or financed by UNMB (only with the Administrative Council approval).
  1. Promotion and dissemination
  • The book/score (title, author, cover, short excerpt, few technical information) is published on the publishing house website (
  • The cover is posted on the public notice board of the UNMB Publishing House.
  • The volume is sent in physical format to partner universities and renowned libraries in the country and abroad;
  • The author undertakes to cede to the publishing house a number of 10 copies in the case of books and a number of 6 copies in the case of musical scores, for the legal deposit instituted by law and for publishing house fund;
  • The volumes that have been financially supported by UNMB are put up for sale through the UNMB warehouse (Magazia de instrumente a UNMB)
  • The volumes financially supported by the author are put in the commercial circuit by the beneficiary.