Conversations with Pianist and Professor Gabriel Amiras

de Grigore Constantinescu

The Role of the Performer in Deciphering, Understanding and Revealing the Content of the Musical Score
A Portrait through Dialogue

ISBN/ISSN: 978-606-659-147-8
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The story of this book represents more than the tale of moments in life. The main character, the great artist Gabriel Amiras is one of the luminaries of the pianistic art of the 20th century, a name that must be known and kept in the memory of those who belong to generations contemporary with him, and at the same time of the future generations.
We have known each other for many years, at times in warm closeness, and at other times somewhat more distant from each other, due to the circumstances. Certainly, my interest was conditioned by the great satisfaction and concert regales offered by Gabriel Amiras, in my case manifested mostly through the musical life of Bucharest, in the radio and television broadcasts, and through recordings. I will add also the evenings spent together as friends at his home, with Cornelia Bronzetti, his instrumental duo partner in international tours. Other meetings in vacation spots or by the seaside complete the image of interesting get-togethers where we discussed people, music and arts, where each of us brought to the conversation ideas and stories unknown to the other. We have never plotted in those years before his departure to Germany, after his decision to reclaim his right to the freedom of thought and to that of being, to meet again with the intent to ”look back in the past and review what has been experienced”. In our memory, Gabriel Amiras was present through his disciples, artists that have been impacted by their relationship with the musician, solidly imprinted in their playing or in their attitude. Six years ago, after having visited the Music University in Bucharest for a recital with the power of confession at the ”George Enescu” Concert Studio, I met Gabriel Amiras again, with mutual emotion, as strong and spiritually close as ever. From this moment we got started on the project of a virtual dialogue, driven on my part by the feeling that I have questions to ask, and on his part by the feeling that he can provide answers, offering the wealth of his thoughts and achievements. The first version of the book was recorded on cassette tapes during the weeks of the summer of 2010 when we met for this purpose. The dialogue, rigorously transcribed by me, was continued online and was completed over several years with significant help from his son Endre, as the manuscript was reviewed, modified, annotated, gradually becoming a complete and complex version of the book and not only a rushed esthetic, stylistic exercise of biographical literature. As result, in the here and now, Gabriel Amiras as we’ve always known him is part of the re-created image held in the pages of this book. This way we can know him and will surely not forget him. (Grigore Constantinescu)